MERC (mɜːk) noun – a person hired to fight for a foreign army; a mercenary

GEIST /ɡīst/ noun – the spirit of an individual or group.

We are a team of players that have been practicing the art of squad level computer tactics in Arma since 2014. We host a server that anyone is welcome to join, but we do caution you that the server is harsh in terms of game play. We help new players, but be prepared to fight for survival. The only way out is through teamwork, tactics, and a little luck.

The server currently whitelists the following 2 MODs:

1) Enhanced Movements * Taken off for now due to needing updates.

2) JSRS Soundmod *Taken off for now as well due to updates.


Situated in the North Aegean and stretching over 19 square kilometers, Stratis adds geographical variety and expands the game’s massive military sandbox. It’s actually based on the Greek Island of Agios Efstratios situated at UTM 35S 328076 4376024. The Mercgeist addition has added a substantial amount of additional buildings for the island.

Game-play is focused on a wasteland that relies on a black market economy amidst competing factions. Faction friction points are inevitable as missions spawn and resources become scarce due to loss of territory & equipment. But teamwork will ultimately prevail against overwhelming odds. Vehicle, Air & Ship Repair/Refuel/Rearm points are located on the map (indicated by a wrench).

Mission completions payout arms, equipment & other black market items that can be sold for great profit at the general stores. Molon labe!


1. Disrespect to a server admin will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Ignoring a request of an admin or showing disrespect to an admin will get you kicked and possibly banned. Admins reserve the right to kick or ban a player at any time at their discretion. Our admins DO NOT CHEAT or abuse admin privileges. If you accuse an admin of cheating, you’ll get kicked and/or banned immediately. We don’t tolerate that behavior.

2. Excessive trash talking to other players is not tolerated. Light-hearted comments are part of the game, but racial slurs and the like are not. Play the game by the rules, don’t be a jerk, and you’ll be fine and welcome here.

3. No glitching. Don’t glitch in rocks and don’t use glitches to break in and raid other player’s bases.

4. Bases: Bases are allowed BUT within these guidelines:
– No base parts left around the stores
– No parts of a base should block a road or be built within 200M of a store
– Keep bases to a reasonable size – massive bases will be removed. Admins will determine what’s considered “massive”
– Under no circumstances will “sky bases” be allowed. All base parts must be on the ground or connected to parts on the ground
– Don’t block or fence in mission spawns

5. This is a WASTELAND server. The object of the game is PVP battle. Don’t come in here and expect to not be killed – it’s the point of the game. All of the serious players who now play together once faced off head to head, and they didn’t become friends by rage quitting. We have experienced players in here and you’re gonna get killed once and a while. If you’re new to the game, let us know and we’ll help you out.

6. DO NOT go to or “camp” Spawn Island. This is a restricted area and if you’re caught shooting people that spawn there, you’ll get kicked right away.


Server restarts happen automatically at 0600, 1200, 1800 & 2400 HRS ZULU. Auto-locks happen 5 minutes prior to each restart to prevent loss of player persistence. Hard shutdowns may happen in/around these times in order to upload an updated mission file. Server wipes are rare, and backups are routine to save player data should a catastrophic loss of server integrity occur.

Persistence Settings are as follows:
Saves Across Restarts – Player, Money, & Storage (Private Gear & Vehicle Parking)
Saves for 14 x 24 HR Periods: Baseparts, Crates, Vehicles etc.


We use the A3Wasteland mod for the server. A3Wasteland is a survival sandbox mission for Arma 3 where two teams and independent players fight for survival. Built in collaboration between GoT, TPG, KoS, 404Games, and others. Our  mission is edited by Sp4wN7, and all files are available on GitHub @ Mercgeist.Stratis.


Joining the [G3iST] is available upon invitation only as this is a private group with older more mature players. Those who have been invited can apply here.

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